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Life is a Song!

The ups and downs of the life…..

                                              ….are unpredictable.
You will have to let go of people..

                                                 Even though you love them..
You will have to move forward….

                                            …..with what you’ve got.
Life is a song…..

                                   …….written by the Destiny.

You just have to create….

                                          ……a Melody for that..


I will wait for it forever..

Stay close to me in your heart

No matter how far we are from each other

The love I wished for my life

I will wait for it forever…


You painted my heart with beautiful memories

But I cannot find you by my side today

And my whole world is dark..

Bring back those memories to me baby

I will wait for it forever..


I want to roll up the darkness and find you

Though I can’t touch you

Or be held by you

Come back with that smile in your face

I will wait for it forever..

My helpless thoughts about Empress Ki

First of all I should say that I watched Empress Ki after the obsession I had towards Ji Chang Wook after watching Healer, Smile Donghea and Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. This drama surprised me a lot from the start to the end. So I thought to write something about a drama for the first time in my life. And this is my first blog. (I hope the readers won’t laugh at my grammar mistakes)

The overall story is unbelievably awesome. I’m sure lot of people from all around the world would have admired this drama. This storyline is very different when compared to other Korean Dramas I’ve watched. I was quiet shocked because I failed to find the happy ending at the 51st Episode. I will start with my favorite characters.

Empress Ki/ Ki Seung Nyang


Very straight forward character. Bright woman with wisdom I can say. Her limit of the tolerance is unbelievable. But in some points I find her very weird and she has the greed for the power as well. What I don’t understand is, in some parts of this dramas after doing certain things she said it’s for the Emperor’s sake. But in my point of view she did a lot of things to avenge her parents and the son she thought she lost and for Koryo’s sake. I admit that she stood up for the Emperor sometimes and she made him stand up against the Cruel Regent El Temur without fear. After she became a consort she stood up against so many people for the sake of Koryo and for the sake of the people she loved and for herself as well. Until that she wanted to kill the Emperor to avenge her father’s death. But at the end she lost everything again except her younger son. She lost her two men she loved, her first-born child, her parents, brothers and loved ones.

The overall character is really good and Ha Ji Won performed in it very well.

Emperor Tahwan


My favorite Ji Chang Wook (the Healer of my heart) led this character. But this is bit unexpected for me. Knowing that he is acting in this drama I was waiting him to appear at the first part of the first episode. I thought he must be leading a brave and a cool character. Unfortunately his character has become too childish, immature and full of jealousy. Also he didn’t have personality to become an Emperor (No backbone it seems). But at least this character is not stupid. He had good thoughts and he made good decisions. In the first few episodes I wanted to kill him by myself for being such a coward and selfish person. But after that he made it clear that he wanted to be in the throne to avenge the people who killed his father and he believed that he is the real Emperor (though he is not suitable). He had a situation that he couldn’t trust anyone but he kept doing it until the last episode. He was betrayed by his mother and his closest servant which made my heart-broken. (The way he cried was so upsetting me and I thought “why him all the time?”. Then I came to the real world). THe did avenge his father’s death but never spoke about the Blood Vow after that. (Actually I was wondering about what was written in the Blood Vow).

By the way the Emperor was so obsessed by the feelings he had towards Nyang and I really don’t know whether that is called Love of the Emperor because he did a lot of things to keep her by his side and those were actually didn’t make Nyang happy. At the end he killed Wang Yu who saved his life more than twice and he never appreciated him truly for what Wang Yu did for him and Nyang. I find it very selfish. He shouldn’t have done that. If he kept him alive he could have saved his own life and saved his kingdom and Tal Tal as well (He is my favorite character of this drama). I still can see in my head how the Emperor’s hand fell down leaving Nyang’s hand on his shoulder after saying “I love you”. He really died in that bringing tears into my eyes (After all it’s Ji Chang Wook)

After watching all the spiritual dramas of Ji Chang Wook I was bit surprised about his character in this drama. But we can say he did it well because I went through so many reviews of this drama and all I found was the good and bad comments about the Emperor more than the leading character Empress Ki. (So well done my boy!)

Tal Tal


The most elegant character in this drama is Tal Tal which was leading by Jin Yi Han. When I heard he was dead in the last episode I was like “Oh My God..not him..please”. He is just like an author of a book. He always made things very clear. After Nyang and Wang Yu the only person who acted confidently is Tal Tal. He always believed in the right thing and made the right decision. He killed his own uncle to get into the right side. Each and every time when I was in doubt about certain parts of this drama he came up and solved it. He is like the guardian angel of Nyang. The only character which didn’t disappoint me in this drama until the very end. Empress must be in a big loss without Tal Tal. By the way I’m very impressed about his performance.

That’s about my favourite characters of this drama which made my expressions move here and there. I have to admit that until the end I expected a happy ending. Like a Happily Ever After drama. I wish at least the Emperor could have stayed alive until the end.

Talking about the evil characters in the drama I wanted to kill Tanasiri and her two servants by myself for making those evil faces towards Nyang and the Emperor. Their faces raised my blood pressure up sometimes. Those women did a very good job in their evil characters. And the whole El Tamur family is evil. The cruelty and greed for the power was in their blood I think. And the eternal power seeker Empress Dowager. She and Yeom Byung ruined the whole story sometimes. (it made me wanted to punch them in their faces).

The overall story is impressive and incomparable. This is the second historical Korean drama I watched after Faith which was led by Lee Min Ho in 2012. This is very different from that and way beyond Faith. Good Drama. Good Job!